Netta’s Martial Arts began on July 1st, 2013.  After 50+ years in the martial arts Grand Master Chirico passed the operation and direction of Chirico’s School of Karate (now Netta’s Martial Arts) to one of his most loyal, dedicated and knowledgeable Black Belts, Mr. Netta.  Mr. Netta has been a Black Belt for over 25 years.  Our school is one of the longest running and best run dojos in Middlesex County and the State of New Jersey.  Mr. Netta, the school’s head instructor, continues to teach the Isshin Shorin Ji Ryu Okinawa Te Karate Style as taught to him by Grand Master Chirico.  Mr. Netta has always been a tough competitor and well known for his fighting (kumite), kata knowledge and performance as well as his self-defense demonstrations and techniques.

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  1. I have been a student of Chirico’s School of Karate and received instruction from Mr. Netta at that school. He is a great teacher. I’m looking forward to returning to his teaching at the new school of Netta’s Martial Arts.
    Thank you,


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